Renae is an Agile Coach, Agile Trainer and a Pilates Instructor.

Renae has been coaching individuals, teams and organisations for over 13 years and has spent a lot of time investing in and formalising her professional coaching skills in recent years. Renae’s passion is leading and coaching organisations and as a Certified Team Coach with Scrum Alliance, she helps teams to find their rhythm and pace that balances learning with delivery.

Renae established her own company NaeCrave Pty Ltd (www.naecrave.com.au) in 2020 and keeps herself busy with coaching and training delivery. Renae is also a certified BASI Pilates instructor and runs her own pilates studio in Brisbane, Australia. She has a YouTube channel called ‘Pilates for the Office Worker’ which features short 5 minute guided sessions that anyone can incorporate into their day, especially those of us who have been sitting down for extended periods. Subscribe to her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@renaecraven.

You can follow Renae on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/renaecraven/).

David is an organisational coach who has empathy to the future role of project management and how it must adapt to a greater need for agility. David wants to build modern work practices in support of the increasing levels of complexity organisations face.

Dave provides guidance and coaching to development teams using the Scrum Framework. He works hard to ensure that all levels of the business (from executives to end users) understand the “Agile Mindset” and the values and principals as well as dispel the Agile myths and pre-conceived ideas.

David’s aim is to continue to develop his understanding of “Being Agile” rather than “Doing Agile”, building his Agile knowledge, to facilitate the adoption of Agile values and principles within organisations.

Renae and Dave are former colleagues and whilst they no longer work for the same organisations, they continue to collaborate on all things agile and leadership. This podcast is just one of their projects.