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  • Slack by Tom DeMarcoSlack by Tom DeMarco

    Slack by Tom DeMarco – Book Discussion

    In this episode, Renae and Dave chat about their takeaways from the book Slack by Tom DeMarco. https://www.amazon.com/Slack-Getting-Burnout-Busywork-Efficiency/dp/0767907698

  • Authentic with Renae Craven and David Clifford

    In the final episode of Season 1, Renae and Dave reflect on their guests and learnings from each of the podcasts. And they reveal how the topics were chosen!

  • Trust with John Dare

    John Dare is an expert in neuroscience, EQ and people analytics and spends his days helping people and organisations unlock their agility. In this episode we chat to John about […]

  • Courage with Stuart Elliott

    In this episode we chat to Stuart Elliott, a leader in the culture, diversity and inclusion. The topic of this podcast is Courage and we explore what courageous leaders do. […]

  • TeachingTeaching

    Teaching with Dan Levy

    In this episode, we explore the skill of Teaching with Dan Levy, founder and principal of More Space for Light (https://morespaceforlight.com.au/). Dan has a passion for teaching organisations by designing […]

  • Untapped with Stephen Dowling

    In this episode we talk to Stephen Dowling, founder of ETM: Unlearning and Driving Business Agility (https://www.etm-unlearn.com/). Stephen is passionate about helping organisations unlearn their past learnings that are holding […]